Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions


What is boudoir?

A boudoir is a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The term derives from the French verb bouder, meaning "to sulk" or boudeur, meaning "sulky".  Boudoir photography has evolved from the classic photography style from the 1920-1940s to a modern representation of human sensuality. Glamour photography is often lumped into the overall category of boudoir, as it is very similar in style and look, but typically does not involve a bedroom like setup.  I typically do more "glamour" photography than true boudoir - for the purpose of this explanation, I will use boudoir to refer to either type.


Why do you shoot boudoir?

According to my wife, my photographic talent is “making women look hot”.  I know that sounds funny, but it is true.  I excel at getting the best out of my clients and making them look their best.  Specifically, boudoir fits my dark and edgy style.  I have a lot of fun helping people to come out of their shell and to find their inner divas.  Making my clients feel amazing and beautiful truly makes my day.


OMG, am I going to have to pose naked?

Wardrobe choice is up to the client.  Typically, my clients wear some form of lingerie -- usually covering more than a normal two-piece swimsuit.  I have done shoots with various other attire as well, including one of their significant other's favorite shirts (a big hit), sports apparel, uniforms, or even a fantasy costume (my new fantasy boudoir is becoming a client favorite).  While many of my clients choose to do some nude or implied nude looks, the amount of clothing that is worn during the shoot is totally up to the client.  I want to make my clients as comfortable as possible. If you do not feel comfortable and do not believe that you look amazing during the shoot, this feeling will show in the final pictures.  The term implied nude defines an image where it is obvious that the subject is not wearing anything, but nothing is showing.  In implied nude, coverage is typically provided by prop(s), posing, arms/hands placements, and/or lighting.


Do you do pinup photography?

By the normal definition, I do not.  To create a true vintage pinup look it is more about the hair and makeup, the outfit, and the props.  The photography quality is typically one of the last concerns.  The lighting and photography setup for pinup photography is normally very simplistic in nature. This comes from the desire to emulate the pinup style of vintage photographs. Photography was not at the same technical place that it is now with cameras, lenses, and lighting.  If pinup is what you want, contact me to discuss what options I have available for you, and if I cannot meet your needs, I can recommend other photographers specializing in the pinup style to you.


Are my pictures going to be plastered all over the internet?

I protect my clients anonymity and respect their desire to keep private the nature of these photos.  Any photos you see on my website or social media were all released by the subject of the photo to be used for my promotion via a signed photo release.  Your proofs will be uploaded to a hidden, password-protected gallery that no one can find without knowing the link.  If you require even greater protection of your images, we can schedule an in-person proof viewing session with no online gallery.


I don't know how comfortable I am posing in lingerie for a male photographer.

I realize that as a male in this industry, I have some distinct disadvantages -- I cannot do your hair and makeup for you; your significant other might be jealous about you shooting with a guy; your comfort level might be better with another woman.  But me being a male is an advantage as well -- if you are taking these photos for your man, who better to make you look great for him than another man?  What a woman views as sexy and what a man views are two distinctly different things.  Most of my clients come to me specifically because my style is different.  My photos are typically more dark and sensual than those of the average female photographer.  My funny sense of humor and ability to put people at ease, combined with my technical skill, are why my photos turn out so well.


I want to do a shoot but I don't have any lingerie.

All kinds of outfits that can be worn for a shoot.  Some examples/suggestions include: man's dress shirt/tie, a leather jacket unzipped, a nice sweater or top with cute underwear, or any other outfit that just makes you feel sexy.  As I said before, if you feel that you look good, it will show.  Another client favorite is a simple solid color matching bra/underwear set that you already have. Pairing that set with some simple accessories (jewelry, thigh highs, satin gloves, etc.) can really pop in a photo.  Outfits that may look ridiculous in real life can photograph very well, and the opposite is also true.  If you have looked through my shoot timeline, I typically have clients send me photos of the outfits that they are going to bring with them to make sure that everything is ideal.  I also have a few staple pieces in studio that can be combined with what you have to create the perfect look.  In addition, if you plan to order something specific for the shoot, I can recommend reliable vendors or I can even order it for you and add the cost to your shoot fee.


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