Sorry for the crappy web design here, just put this together quickly as I have been getting questions.

What is #MissMonday?

Basically you could call it a revolving calendar shoot.  One model per month, 4 different looks (one for each week).  I try to incorporate any specific monthly themes into the shoots (Valentine's Day in February, Basketball in March, Halloween in October, Christmas in December, etc.).

If you're selected for #MissMonday, you'll get a FREE 4 hour photoshoot (one look per hour) to be done the month prior to the beginning of your month.  You need to provide your own hair and makeup, and I may be able to help out on wardrobe (depending on what the looks are).  

How do I apply?

Copy and paste the following questions into an email or DM and send to me.

1) Social Media accounts and number of followers?

2) Preference for which month you'd like?

3) Specific concepts that you'd like to shoot?

4) Wardrobe comfort level (fashion, swimsuit, lingerie, implied nude, etc.)? NOTE:  all looks will need to be within instagram's posting guidelines.  Anything that isn't postable does me no good.

5) Typical availability for a shoot?

6) Why should I select you for #MissMonday?

7) If we haven't shot before, please attach 3 of your best "modeling" photos to this.  If you don't have any professional photos, that's fine, just attach the best shot of your face (no filters please), your body, and your favorite outfit.

Thank you.  Please either DM me @shedluv or email me [email protected]